Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

I am so excited about this! I want to organize an industrial design contest open to the general public.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving and thinking about how much I love being in Phoenix, making furniture, and the creative people that I have already met in the short time we've been here (random thoughts, I know). Then I started thinking that other people out there might like designing/creating furniture. That led me to the idea of having a competitons among local designers, giving them a chance to present their ideas in a venue of like-minded people, as well as professionals that can share their insight.

Understanding that industrial design is a very broad field, for the first contest I think we would narrow it down to furniture design. We could have several categories (material used, sustainability of material, degree of complexity in production, etc.).

I want to make this contest legit. I think it would be a valuable way to promote community and innovation among local artist/designers and small business/retail/local shops. This is how I see it going down: several people submit design ideas  > a panel of professional designers judge the entries > top design/s are chosen then produced (sponsored by local designers who either donate resources or we set it up so they get a cut of the profits (which helps set it up the grounds for which the winning design is picked)  > the pieces are sold through local venues and abroad. (promoted through local avenues, design blogs, etc.)

This post is a call out to anybody who would be interested. I have little to no knowledge about the industrial design process, so input would be valued. In order to make this happen like I imagine, we would need to assemble the following:

  • Judges/panel of local ID pros who who could look at the entries, decide which ones gets produced, and help make it happen. As well as give advice to me in organizing/promoting this thing.
  • Sponsors (I need to to print fliers, build a website, and most importantly I would love to see at least 1 to 3 of the winning designs actually produced!
  • Entries, I'm curious if people would actually be interested in participating in something like this. (would they pay to enter?)
  • Help. I couldn't do this my own. If you would like to assist in organizing, logistics, promoting, etc.
  • Legal advice- would the winning design need to be trademarked or anything?

If you like this idea, and would like to be involved please contact me, and spread the word.

Thanks, lets get the ball rollng on this. I think it could help grow the local creative community.