building a bench

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

I had so much fun with this project. I scored a bunch of free Brazilian hard wood from a marble foundry downtown. I can't believe they're are just giving this stuff away. If I had a truck, I'd have enough reclaimed lumber in my back yard to build a second house. We are fortunate to have our trusty Volvo, so I was able to bring a fair amount home.

The wood is used to keep marble slabs in place, so it has to be super hard. Which is a great thing for me, but it wasn't easy tearing them apart.  I manned through it, and ended up with some great pieces to work with.

The more I make stuff like this, the nicer the hardware I want to use. I ended up just screwing all the pieces in with 2.5" wood screws and it turned out pretty sturdy! I love taking "scraps" that somebody was going to throw out; and and with a little good ol' fashioned elbow grease, and a couple of beers, turn it into decent looking furniture!

I hope to make my way down to the marble yard soon, and grab another free DIY furniture building kit!

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