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Honeycomb Shelves 2.0

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

Last year I made some honeycomb shelves out of reclaimed wood. That project was one of my favorites, and since we couldn't bring them with us to Phoenix, I decided to make some new ones. Since I don't have have a table saw, I decided to make the shelves out of fencing planks from Lowes. Not only do they come in uniform thickness and width, which is handy,They're cheap (the whole project cost less than 15 bucks) and they have cool natural texture and color. I wrote a tutorial last year for  Design Sponge post. The only difference with these is that instead of pinning, I screwed the wood together with 1" drywall screws (pre drilling to prevent cracking).

To mount the shelves, I used old brackets I saved when I took down some ugly blinds.

Always save stuff like that, you never know when you'll need them!

After the glue was dry, I took a sander to the shelves to give it more character and texture.

This how they turned out!

last photo by Sarah.


mural progress

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

My friends Richard and April asked me and a mutual friend, Sentrock, to paint a huge piece for their home. Of course we said yes! I am excited about this project and would like to share some what of  the process. I'm going post a few different progression shots, and maybe the thought process behind different details. So far, I am trying to convey community, love,  friendship, and (ultimately) all of the elements we find in nature to signify creation. I can't wait to see what Sent throws into the mix! stay tuned.


building a bench

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

I had so much fun with this project. I scored a bunch of free Brazilian hard wood from a marble foundry downtown. I can't believe they're are just giving this stuff away. If I had a truck, I'd have enough reclaimed lumber in my back yard to build a second house. We are fortunate to have our trusty Volvo, so I was able to bring a fair amount home.

The wood is used to keep marble slabs in place, so it has to be super hard. Which is a great thing for me, but it wasn't easy tearing them apart.  I manned through it, and ended up with some great pieces to work with.

The more I make stuff like this, the nicer the hardware I want to use. I ended up just screwing all the pieces in with 2.5" wood screws and it turned out pretty sturdy! I love taking "scraps" that somebody was going to throw out; and and with a little good ol' fashioned elbow grease, and a couple of beers, turn it into decent looking furniture!

I hope to make my way down to the marble yard soon, and grab another free DIY furniture building kit!

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