Sky Sammy

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

I just finished my first short film! It's super short, less than a minute long. Its not really a film either, more like some moving illustrations with some sound effects added...But I'm happy with it!

There are always things I could tweak or add, but I took this one as far as I wanted to go with it. I know I could do so much more in After Effects, but I've decided to learn as much in photoshop as I can for now, then maybe later, dive into AE. I'm learning as I go, so things like the tomato sliding out in the end was a big deal for me. 

I learned a lot from this tutorial by an amazing animator named Alex Grigg. I just recently found out about him, I was became an instant fan after watching his short, Fantom Limb, it's so good! The rest of his work is just as great and wonderful.