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Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

Last week, Sarah and I were walking around downtown enjoying the great Phoenix weather. I saw a dumpster, and for some reason I had to take a picture of it. The dumpster alone held nothing of particular interest, but something about it grabbed my attention, almost to the core of who I am. Not to get melodramatic, but the for the past week or so, I couldn't stop thinking about a simple illustration/animation idea featuring that dang dumpster. I don't know if it's the sharp lines and texture or what...Anyway, today I spent a couple of hours turning my idea into reality. Which I love that I can sit down at my computer and do just that.

I've been doing some bit of animating here and there and thought I would create a section on my site that would feature my silly little creations. I'll post my past animations in chronological order (then try to stay on top of uploading from here on out)  so you can see my work evolve. I think it will be kind of neat to see my work progress. For me, the process of that progression in and of itself is a cool thing to witness. 

Let me know if you'd be into seeing that process in the comments bellow.

Here's little dumpster animation:

Here's the illustration process (sped up 20x) if you're into that type of thing.