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2012 has been crazy, and it's already over! Instead of making a new year's resolution for 2013, I wanted to briefly and publicly thank all the people that have inspired me the last 12 or so months. Some of them are old friends, while others I've just met, or have never met. 

This list is in no particular order, just some folks that have been on my mind lately.

Thanks guys, for doing what you do! Keep up the good work.


Sarah - I guess this list is in a particular order :) Sarah inspires me to  love others more and to be more sensitive to people and situations. I  also admire her attention to detail in her work. She is constantly  producing great photography. I love her so much! Photo by Ben Blood

Doug and Beca-  These two people work harder than most people I know. They run their  own business, and are constantly promoting others, creating, and being  awesome. I feel so fortunate to know those guys, They really inspired me  to set out on my own and to be constantly experimenting.


photo by Sarah

Ozone- Sarah and I lived on John and Patty's farm in Washington. they  are an amazing pair. I think they inspired both me and Sarah to be more self  sustaining, how to love others in a practical way, sharing what we have  and opening the doors to our home.


Photo by Erin Rae McKaskle

Georganne Bryant- Sarah and I met Georganne This year and she has made a huge impact on us. I am so impressed about she supports local business and people like me who are just starting out on our own. I can tell she takes her businesses very seriously and loves the entire process. She inspires me to help others, without expecting anything in return.


photo by Sarah

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Elsie and Emma - These two sister run a successful business/blog. Even though I may not be there main demographic, I still admire by their hard work and success. they inspire me to make a living doing what I like to do...creating.


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Casey Neistat - This guy makes great videos. I love his type of storytelling. You  can tell he loves doing what he does, it shows threw his work. He  inspires me to have fun with what I do, and to share the process.


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Clint Snyder - Clint inspires me to live what I believe, reuse/recycle and to live in Hawaii :)


I stole this off of Clint's fb

Dan'o - This guys has been making great video for years.  I don't make video, but I  just love seeing people like Dan, doing what they love to do, and doing it well.  It inspires me to get off my butt.


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Who inspired you this year?