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A fools crown

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

Man, this is the biggest painting I have ever done. Me and the one and only Sentrock were commissioned to do this piece about 2 months ago, and we finally finished it! We are stoked how it came out. It was my pleasure collaborating with Sent. What do guys think?

large version

Here is a little process video, if you're into that type of thing.


mural progress

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

My friends Richard and April asked me and a mutual friend, Sentrock, to paint a huge piece for their home. Of course we said yes! I am excited about this project and would like to share some what of  the process. I'm going post a few different progression shots, and maybe the thought process behind different details. So far, I am trying to convey community, love,  friendship, and (ultimately) all of the elements we find in nature to signify creation. I can't wait to see what Sent throws into the mix! stay tuned.