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things are happening

Added on by Joshua Rhodes.

It's time for my bi-annual blog/news update.

Boy oh boy, things are currently super crazy around here. First of all, and most exciting, Me and Sarah are expecting our first child in about three months! Holy smokes. We're having a daughter, which I am so stoked about. We don't have a name yet, but we still have a little time to mull it over. I've already felt her kick, she's going to be a firecracker like her momma.

Second big news, We are moving to the Midwest - Springfield, MO to be exact. Sarah was offered an amazing dream job, to be a full time photographer for A Beautiful Mess. I will continue to do freelance, and even have an opportunity to lend what skills I have at ABM! I never saw myself living in a small town in the Midwest, but I think it will be pretty sweet, and we'll probably love it.


Third news tidbit, I just opened a Society6 store. Check it out, get yourself something nice.