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I get to participate in this year's crafeteria put on by Frances! Hand made goods will be sold, accompanied by live tunes and delicious hot dogs. Its going to be awesome. I'm going to sell some mini honeycomb shelves, magazine racks, mini paintings,maybe some cut out words and some other things...

There will be 40 other vendors there, so you're sure to find something good.

See you there!

A fools crown

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Man, this is the biggest painting I have ever done. Me and the one and only Sentrock were commissioned to do this piece about 2 months ago, and we finally finished it! We are stoked how it came out. It was my pleasure collaborating with Sent. What do guys think?

large version

Here is a little process video, if you're into that type of thing.


mural progress

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My friends Richard and April asked me and a mutual friend, Sentrock, to paint a huge piece for their home. Of course we said yes! I am excited about this project and would like to share some what of  the process. I'm going post a few different progression shots, and maybe the thought process behind different details. So far, I am trying to convey community, love,  friendship, and (ultimately) all of the elements we find in nature to signify creation. I can't wait to see what Sent throws into the mix! stay tuned.